Visit to Sparklers preschool

Sparklers-May2016-2On Wednesday 18th May 2016, I was delighted to visit Sparklers preschool (Upper Basildon, Reading) during the “Healthy Eating Week”. With the great Sparklers’ staff, we had an engaging session with children ranging from 3 to 5 years old about how to feed appropriately our gut bacteria. Children were given bacteria soft toys to play with and learned their little name. ‘Bifido’ and ‘Lacto’ were clear favourite! Then they enjoyed giving healthy food to their friendly bacteria to help them live a healthy life in their tummy. The children demonstrated lots of interest and asked many questions about the kind of food their bacteria like. They were a little disappointed that cake and chocolate were not bacteria’s favourites though. Nevertheless it was great to hear about all the healthy fruits and vegs that all children enjoyed eating. At the end of the 45 min session, everybody received a nice sticker to remember to feed their gut bacteria with their favourite food. I truly enjoyed this experience and I am certainly looking forward to running more in the future.