The Francis Crick Institute opens its doors

Crick InstituteThe Francis Crick Institute reopens its doors inaugurating the new building based in Midland Road. The new Crick Lab has moved over 1,300 researchers and lab equipment, including heavy NMR machines! over the summer. During this period, the collaborations established with Claus Lab in January 2016 to study gut microbial influence on energy metabolism was temporarily suspended. Research has now resumed and new NMR metabolomic experiments are currently taking place.

The new NMR center is located on the fourth floor underground and is equipped with six NMR instruments that range from the powerful 950 MHz NMR to the 400 MHz NMR for research in chemistry. This is one of the spectacular state of the art laboratory housed in this new stunning building. The research centre also include public and community spaces such as the Living Center and the Community Garden on the corner of Ossulston Street.


By Marina Mora-Ortiz