Sandrine Claus

I am a biochemist with over 10 years experience using a metabonomics approach to characterise host-bacteria metabolic interactions. My current research focuses on understanding the biological mechanisms underpinning the relationship between gut microbial ecology and its host metabolism in health and disease.

Marina Mora-Ortiz

I am a Research Associate in the ClausLab at the University of Reading. My research interests lay in the understanding of host-gut microbiota interactions during the development of non-communicable diseases, with a special focus on Type II Diabetes. For this purpose, I am combining different approaches which include metagenomics, NMR-based metabolic profiling and multivariate statistics.

 Dr Giulia Mancano with her poster

Giulia Mancano

I am a post-doctoral research associate working within the EU-funded consortium MyNewGut. My role is to identify new biological mechanisms that underly gut microbiota-host metabolic interactions using a 1NMR-based metabonomics approach.


Joanna Boberska

I am a PhD student looking at the metabolic impact of  fibres and fat replacement by PUFAs as part of MyNewGut project. My work is focused on understanding to which extent and by what mechanisms dietary interventions can affect host microbiota and its microbiome that further influence the host metabolism. This is evaluated in human intervention studies using metabolic fingerprinting of human biofluids combined with microbial profiling.


Areej Al-Muraee

I am a PHD student at the University of Reading working on the potential effects of milk-derived bioactive peptides on autistic children behaviour. I also hold a position of teaching assistant in clinical nutrition at Um Al Qura University in Saudi Arabia.

Caroline Le Roy

I am a final year PhD student looking at the impact of infection by a gut pathogen (Brachyspira pilosicoli) and its treatment using an antibiotic (Tiamulin) on chicken systemic metabolism and its gut microbiota using NMR-based metabonomics and 16S next generation sequencing.


Ishawu Iddrisu

I am a nutritionist with over 6 years of experience in managing and treating children with malnutrition as well as other issues of nutrition concern in Ghana. I am currently a PhD student and I will be looking at the relationship between gut microbiota and host metabolism in the context of iron.

 Steven Fong

I am a practising doctor (clinical registrar in gastroenterology) undertaking a part time PhD looking at the role of metabonomics in inflammatory bowel disease. More specifically, I am exploring how certain drugs, called thiopurines, are metabolised by patients with inflammatory bowel disease. The main objective of this research is to utilize metabonomics to better understand how drug side effects and toxicity develop. I hope that the insights gleaned from this research can pave the way to discovering a biomarker that can predict these outcomes.