MyNewGut is a large European research consortium of 30 partners from 15 countries led by Prof Yolanda Sanz in the Spanish CSIC.

This interdisciplinary consortium gathers leading experts in nutrition, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology and psychiatry, as well as several industrial partners, to provide practical solutions to reduce the obesity epidemic that affects numerous countries.


The Claus Lab is in charge of analysing the metabolic profiles of all patients involved in diet intervention trials and epidemiological cohorts. This is achieved using high-throughput 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy combined with multivariate statistics to ultimately identify metabolic markers of gut bacteria-diet interactions associated with obesity.

Two members of the group are actively involved in this project. Joanna Boberska is conducting a PhD thesis focussed on diet interventions while Dr Giulia Mancano is a post-doctoral research associate supporting the analysis of epidemiology studies.