AVANCE/TOPSPIN ‘Operators’ Training Course

The latest AVANCE/TOPSPIN ‘Operators’ Training Course took place in Bruker, Coventry, from 10th to 14th October 2016. Lectures provided by Dr Pete Gierth, Dr Matteo Pennestri and Dr Andrew Gibbs covered different topics from basic NMR concepts to advanced AU programming practical sessions.

Sixteen NMR researchers, including Dr Marina Mora-Ortiz and the Phd candidate Joanna Boberska from ClausLab, took part in this intensive training course. The cohort also included a large number of participants from the University of Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds and various pharmaceutical companies. This course was also a great opportunity for networking and participants enjoyed visiting Kenilworth Castle and the course closing dinner.

AVANCE/TOPSPIN ‘Operators’ Training Course Group

Bruker Course

by Marina Mora-Ortiz