The bioinformatics group from University of Zagreb joins forces with ClausLab to fight diabetes

Professor Kristian Vlahovicek
, based in the University of Zagreb, is regarded as an international expert in bioinformatics specialised in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis. His findings over the past 20 years have contributed to boost knowledge around genomics by improving data analysis. Prof Vlahovicek, along with his team, has developed several softwares for analysis, visualisation and interpretation of NGS data. One of this software, developed together with his PhD student Maja Kuzman, shows a novel conceptual approach where translational optimisation is employed through codon usage adaptation. In this way, the results obtained from metagenomics data annotation can be maximised.

Now, Prof. Vlahovicek and his group will join forces with Dr Claus and her team in a metagenomics project which uses NGS to unravel genetic differences in the gut microbiota of diabetic individuals.

The bioinformatics group from University of Zagreb, has welcomed Dr Marina Mora-Ortiz for two weeks of training in their metagenomics analysis facility. Dr Mora-Ortiz was awarded an Erasmus + grant for training and mobility from the University of Reading. During this training Dr Mora-Ortiz also had the opportunity to meet the students from the University of Zagreb engaged in bioinformatics studies.