MiCRObiota Incognita 2016

It is a pleasure to participate in the MiCRObiota Incognita 2016 young researcher’s conference in Krk, Croatia. Here, thanks to the support of the European Commission, I was able to meet a vibrant community of young scientists who are passionate about science. 

Discussions ranged from potential mechanisms of action of butyrate producing bacteria to the role of Sci-Hub in accessing research articles that may not be accessible in some universities.

I also attended a great talk by Prof Kristian Vlahoviček, who introduced how to use UC (unit codon) profiles instead of OTUs (Orthologous Taxonomic Units) to derive functional information from metagenomics data. He reanalysed Qin et al. metagenomics data and hilighted interesting clusters of patients affected by liver disease based on their metagenomics profiles. His work can be accessed here.

View from the conference venue


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