Areej Al-Muraee

I joined Um Al Qura University in Saudi Arabia in 2009 as teaching assistant in biomedical sciences in clinical nutrition. I completed my bachelor degree in 2004 in food and nutritional sciences at King Abdulaziz University. Then I completed my master in 2009 in food and nutrition at King Abdulaziz University. I gained also another master degree from the University of Reading in 2013 in nutrition and food sciences. Currently I have embarked on a PhD journey at the University of Reading in Dr Sandrine Claus’ lab.

My PhD project focuses on the potential role of milk-derived bioactive peptides on the gut microbiota and overall metabolism in the context of autistic syndrome disorders.

More specifically, I am examining how the different milk proteins derived from A1 and A2 beta-caseins impact on the gut microbiota using in vitro pH controlled batch cultures inoculated with autistic faecal donors and healthy control subjects.

The second axis of my PhD includes a human intervention study to investigate the impact of A2 milk compared with A1/A2 milk on metabolism, gut microbial balance, and behaviour on autistic children.